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Name:Rashiea's Graphics
Website:Rashiea's LJ
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Welcome to rashiea's graphics community. Feel free to look around, join or watch if you'd like to keep up with new materials. Please keep the following rules in mind here.

♠ Please credit rashiea or rashuko to help others find this place. See here if you're unsure how.
♠ Comments and suggestions are welcome. Just please be curteous and don't cause drama.
♠ No hotlinking. Icons should only be uploaded to userpics anyways. Other graphics should be uploaded to your own server for journal use. Please do not upload to other sites or sharing albums without asking first.
♠ Do not claim any of my graphics as your own.


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07-ghost, ah! my goddess, air gear, akira, aladdin, alice 19th, alice in wonderland, animals, anime, anime music, anita blake, anita blake: vampire hunter, arrow, astrology, astronomy, atlantis, attack on titan, ayashi no ceres, bambi, banners, barbie, beauty and the beast, black butler, bleach, blood+, blue seed, books, brave, brokeback mountain, castle in the sky, cats, celebrities, ceres, chobits, choir, clannad, clarinet, comics, crescent moon, d.gray-man, d.n.angel, dancing, darker than black, death note, demon diary, descendants of darkness, disney, dnangel, dogs, dresden files, e's otherwise, elements, escaflowne, fantasy, fate/stay night, final fantasy, fire, fo banners, friends only banners, from far away, frozen, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, furuba, fushigi yugi, graphics, gravitation, gundam seed destiny, gundam wing, harry potter, hercules, honey and clover, honoo no mirage, horseback riding, horses, howl's moving castle, icons, imadoki, immortal rain, inuyasha, k-on, kaikan phrase, kanata kara, kenshin, kiki's delivery service, kingdom hearts, knight hunters, kyou kara maou, la corda d'oro, labyrinth, legend of zelda, lord of the rings, loveless, lunar, lunar cycles, lunar legend, magic knight rayearth, mai-hime, manga, mario bros, marmalade boy, mars, mirage of blaze, miyazaki films, movies, music, my little pony, my neighbor totoro, mythology, nana, naruto, nausicaa, ni no kuni, nodame cantabile, orphen, ouran koukou host club, pandora hearts, peacemaker, peacemaker kurogane, phoenix wright: ace attorney, pokemon, ponyo, porco rosso, pretear, prince of tennis, princess and the frog, princess mononoke, princess tutu, queen's knight, ratatouille, rayearth, revolutionary girl utena, rg veda, rise of the guardians, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, saint tail, sleeping beauty, sophia the first, sorcerer stabber orphen, spiral, spirited away, star wars, starry sky, stock art, sword art online, tales of, tangled, the cat returns, the little mermaid, trinity blood, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, tsukihime, tv, twilight, vampire knight, vampire princess miyu, vampires, video games, weib kreuz, weiss kreuz, wolf's rain, x-men, yami no matsuei, yu yu hakusho
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